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How to use Chatbots to Delight Customers

By March 16, 2018 No Comments

Chatbots are becoming more mainstream than they used to be several years ago. They are helping businesses in a lot of ways and in different departments.

And of course, brands and customers are loving them.

It’s easy now more than ever to open a bank account. Yes, right from your Facebook Messenger app, you can interactively open a bank account with any of the bank’s chatbots if only they have one.

You can also get an Uber driver to come pick you up and also track their movement as well.


Even though we are still in the early days, several businesses are adopting it already.

And that’s a good thing.

It’s pretty clear that chatbots are the future of marketing and customer support.

And you definitely don’t want to lose out on this, right?

So how exactly can you use chatbots to exceed your customer’s expectation in service delivery?

Use chatbots to make checkout easy

One of the major reasons consumers abandon their shopping cart is because of its complexity. In a recent study, about 23 percent of customers revealed that one of the main reason they abandon a shopping cart is that it’s hard to create a new user account.


So making the process a lot easier will make customers happy and will help you stand out from your competitors. To be honest, filling an online form is boring, but chatting with a chatbot and getting it all done interactively will be a plus for your brand.

Starbucks is a great example of a brand doing extremely well with this strategy. With their chatbot, they help customers order their favorite snack or drink either through text messaging or voice commands.

It’s even more fun because the chatbot will let you know when your order will be ready and the cost of your order. Have you used this chatbot before?

The chatbot is an additional feature of the Starbucks app. It’s available in any of the popular smartphones —-Android, iPhone, and Windows.

Process tracking

Another great way to use chatbots to delight your customers is to provide them with live updates about their transaction processes with your company.

For example, a customer will be happy to receive a chat via messenger to let them know that the product they ordered is in a particular location at the moment and will get to them in a couple of hours. And the customer can actually ask some more questions and get responses.

That means the customer doesn’t need to log into the website to track their order and they don’t have to pay their service providers for SMS charges.

A practical example is Lyft. Whether you are on Facebook Messenger, Slack or even with Amazon Echo, it’s pretty easy to request a ride from Lyft and track the process. The bot will update you on the current location of your driver and you’ll also see a picture of the car’s license plate and the car model.

Product launch and service update

Did you know that most customers will be excited to be a part of your company?

Why not give them the feeling of being part of your business?

That’s a great way to generate long-term loyal customers.

Imagine that you want to launch a product and through your chatbot, you allow your customers to be the first to experience it. And also give them a sneak peek of what’s going on in your office.

Keeping them engaged, getting feedback from them, and letting them know how valuable they are to your brand.

Your customers will be super excited to be a part of your brand and will most likely see themselves as part of your family which will help boost your brand to customer relationship.

Here is another fascinating example. Fandango’s Messenger bot lets customers watch movie trailers, see what’s happening currently, see what’ happening this week and to find local theaters. The chatbot is simple to use.

You simply provide your ZIP code or your city and you’re ready to find out what’s playing in the neighborhood. Beautiful thing is that a page will be provided for you to buy tickets for the events you wish to attend.

Let customers search for products listed on your website from the chatbot

Imagine you wanted to buy a product on an e-commerce store and you practically don’t have to visit the website for anything whatsoever.

Or you want to order food from your favorite eatery and all you have to do is to start a chat with the chatbot and say the food you want, the quantity, and the location where you’re and in a couple of minutes, it’s being delivered to you.

Whole food chatbot is a great example. With this Facebook chatbot, you can quickly order your favorite food or recipes whether you’re in the shop or not.

Educate your customers

Customers love brands who educate them. Statistics show that companies that blog generate 126 percent more leads.


So what actually attracted the leads? The educative and informative content, right?

Provide customers with state of the art tutorials to help them solve some problems they are most likely facing. I’m pretty sure you know your customers well enough and the kind of problems they are facing, right?

Sephora of Kik is a chatbot that allows you to get all kinds of Makeup tutorials just in a chat session. The bot can also help you provide product reviews and ratings as you shop in the Kik store.

You should be careful though so you don’t go about sending customers information too often. They’ll get depressed and sign out of your chatbot.

Provide excellent customer service

Only forward-thinking brands know that customer-centric brands are the future business leaders. Customers are becoming smart, in fact, extremely smart. If you’re not fast enough, you’ll be lagging behind and your customers will move to your competitors.

You don’t want to let that happen, right?

Your customers need quick service. Yes, they want you to help them solve their problems right now.

And you and I know that that’s not humanly possible.

However, the best way to do that and even surpass their expectation is by implementing an effective AI chatbot.

For example, Staple in partnership with IBM created an AI chatbot that helps answer common questions customers often ask. which are usually about orders, tracking, returns, and inquire about stock availability.

Except if customers have technical problems then they’ll want to speak with a real person. This doesn’t only help delight your customers it also help reduce your customers call request.

Your customers are the people who bring money into your business, if they are happy, your business will excel. However, if they are not, your business will likely crumble it’s important you always put your customer’s satisfaction at the center of your strategies.

It’s no doubt, using chatbots can help you deliver excellent services beyond your customer’s expectations and leave them happy and loyal brand advocates.

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